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  2. Ugh, family drama is rearing its ugly head. Stepped on a landmine with my dad RE: the poly biz as soon as I got to our vacation destination, and he was throwing some MAJOR shade today.

    It’s actually like I killed his puppy, no lie. Think about how you’d act if a family member did that by pure accident. You’d still love them but you couldn’t look at them. You couldn’t talk to them about the incident. It’s just like that, only we’re talking about a lifestyle decision made by AN ADULT, disclosed almost a year ago now.

    Like, I just want to smack him. Or yell, or scream, or have a knock-down drag-out fight. Anything but this “so upset I can’t even face it” bullshit. To be honest, it feels incredibly immature. Like I’m right here ready to have a discussion about it, tell him anything he wants to know, and he’s off stewing in the corner.

    It’s totally his right to have Feelings about this, but the way he’s acting is just so so bad for everyone. Mom says she’s never ever seen him like this, and has no idea what he’s thinking. She’s getting caught in the middle, of course. She, who has had a nice mature reaction of “wow I don’t agree with your choice and I’m very worried but you are an intelligent adult and I raised you well and I’ll try to understand.”

    The worst thing is that this all reeks of that awful trope where men are culturally expected to “control” and be overprotective of their daughters (screening boyfriends, wanting to murder boys who even consider having sex with their daughter, giving away daughter when they marry a man—and it just makes me want to go puke in a bucket. It’s sexist, it’s creepy, and I feel like it legitimizes his inability/refusal to get the fuck over it.

    It sucks and agh am I stressed.


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    Your friendly English major

    Oh, good, more confirmation of a use of they/them that’s been used since the 14th century.

    Awww yiss


    1. Boyfriend: Hey, arglblarglwargl, I just found this men's belt in our room but it's not mine???
    2. Me: Oh, that's Boyfriend #2's.
    3. Boyfriend: Ohhh, ok.

  4. Prooobably should have done a little research on accessibility in the airport ahead of time. I had a choice between standing for a while or walking a longer distance with my luggage, and asked the guy if there was any transportation available for folks with mobility problems who wanted to take the latter option. “Uhh ask that lady.” I asked the lady. “No? I mean I guess there’s those little car things but you’d have to find one and flag it down.”

    Thanks, guys :p

    (I’m ok and all that, but a little peeved that they had zero answers for me and weren’t at all willing to help. It looks like I can get a wheelchair pretty easily if I need it, which they could have mentioned???)


  5. miniprof:

    I think it shows a very solid distinction between Miyazaki’s and DWJ’s storytelling styles. Mysterious door with a black knob? Where might it lead?

    Miyazaki: it leads into a dark war zone, which represents the character’s struggle to maintain his humanity

    DWJ: yeah no it goes to wales


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    clarification: professional experience isn’t a requirement babelies

    Uh, leaving this here for maishaparadox, just in case you don’t follow Laci…


  7. Anonymous said: honestly curious, why does it offend you?


    i see lucy as a racist film that plays on negative stereotypes while hiding behind the cover of (white) feminism. 

    all this film has done is switch out the white man for a white woman. it’s still a film about a white person getting violated by the evil poc, then gaining power and wiping them out. 

    here’s 2 of my favourite scenes from the trailer: 


    from top to left to right:

    KEEP CLEAN 保持清潔,APPLE 蘋果,ONION 洋蔥,GRAPE 葡萄,CHAIR 椅子 EDIT: sorry it says ORANGE 橘子,TOMATO 番茄

    traditional chinese is an actual written language used by millions of people, not symbols to be thrown around at the whim of set designers because they look cool and idk, serves to create a menacing asian atmosphere. this is so disrespectful, and made even worse by the fact that this film in set it taipei, taiwan where the official written language is traditional chinese.

    it doesn’t matter that this film caters to a primarily “white” audience who won’t be able to read it, the language and culture of taiwan isn’t something for you to twist and use as you deem fit because it’s “exotic.” 


    lucy shoots a guy for not being able to speak english. 

    she l i t e r a l l y shoots this taiwanese taxi driver, in taiwan for not being able to speak english. she’s in taipei and she’s shooting people as they are of no use to her because they don’t speak english. 

    just think about the sort of message that’s sending out. she’s not being “bad-ass strong female character who takes no shit,” she’s saying that english is useful and better. this is the type of harmful ideology that stretches all the way back from when western countries were colonising and forcing their language and customs on other countries. 

    let me explain with a real life example. i was born in new zealand to two taiwanese parents. i am fluent in english, but mandarin is conversational at best. my friends in taiwan say that i am “so lucky” to speak fluent english, when they are fluent in mandarin and their english level is no worse than my mandarin. they tell me that they want to perfect their english but in the same breath tell me that mandarin isn’t worth perfecting because i have english and that’s “enough”. they also tell me how pretty my white friends are when they see pictures.

    this is the type of neo imperialism ideology that they’ve grown up buying into. it honestly hurts and frustrates me that they belittle their own culture like this, honestly believing that the western world is superior. this is the type of neo imperialism ideology that this film (hopefully unintentionally) promotes: white people are better and will save the day. 

    if they wanted to film a movie about a white women getting back at those who had violated her, why not film it in a western country? if they wanted to film it in taiwan, why not find an asian lead actress?

    i do agree that we need more women protagonists in action/superhero movies, but not like this. its not okay that the female lead needs to be kidnapped and have her body cut open without her consent in order to gain her powers, and those said those powers do not make any of this racist bullshit okay. 

    i am just so tired and angry of poc always being brushed off to the side as either props or villains in mainstream media. 

    as a poc, it’s so frustrating to see that the of the standard of beauty still white women when we live in multi-cultural societies and a diverse world. 

    feminism is about equality. a film in which poc are presented as evil and inferior before being killed off by a superior white woman does not promote equality. 

    Eyup. I was staring at those characters on the wall, wishing I knew Chinese because I knew they would be total bullshit.

    Also, can we talk about the HUGE TACKY dragon on the ceiling of the gang leader’s office?

    And finally, Korean gangsters in Taiwan? I have questions, and most of them are along the lines of “did you just pick the first asian actors you could find and hope no one would notice what was going on there?” In a smarter movie I would assume that there’s a reason for that, but I have a feeling that’s not happening with this one.

    Don’t get me wrong, Lucy was immensely entertaining—mainly because the writers just bullshat everything—but yeah, problematic x100000

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    To everyone who says it’s too expensive to eat on a budget. 

    I love Twizzlers 

    Where the fuck are you people buying your food that it costs so little?!

    Just gonna leave this here.

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  9. Oh, Ian Anderson. You’re so full of shit and I love you for it.