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    Hello I’ve been super busy doing things I can’t share yet, so in the mean time please enjoy this self portrait gif.

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    what happened in roughly 1870 though

    why was there temporary internet

    with a few people searching for pokemon?

    It’s a search of Google books, but the question still stands, what the Fuck happened in 1870


    In the Cornish dialect of English, Pokemon meant ‘clumsy’ (pure coincidence).

    In the mid 1800s there was a surge of writing about the Cornish language and dialect in an attempt to preserve them with glossaries and dictionaries being written. I wrote about it HERE.

    I just love that this post happened to find the ONE HUMAN ON THE INTERNET who had the answer to this question

    I what.

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    Using cute-ness and friendly-ness to get the point across!

    Print this out and tape it to stupid people’s foreheads.

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    Okay, Tumblr, let’s make this go viral. You all know that representation in the media is desperately needed, and this game is delivering what many of the big-name games haven’t. Pumpkin Online is made by a development team headed by an African-American woman and they’re aiming to make this game as inclusive and friendly as possible. This is a farming/romance sim mixed up with an adventure MMORPG and made incredibly diverse.

    You want to play a non-binary character? You got it! You want a range of races in your NPC neighbors? Done! Clothing choices and body features not restricted by gender? It’s in there! Relationships in no way affected by gender or lack of gender? Yes, that too!

    Let’s get this thing going viral and help promote the Kickstarter (link in the article) so that everyone gets the chance to play the character they want to play. Reblog buttons, do your thing!

    Quick links: KickstarterFacebookTwitter, Tumblr


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  5. Anonymous said: One of the saddest and most hil- NO BITCH, the sad thing here is the fact that you're a stripper. If you want respect, maybe you should've graduated high school. 😂😂 when did stripping become a legitimate career?




    Awww, you tried so hard, but unfortunately I can’t hear you over the sound of my debt-free college degree and massive disposable income.


    Oh snap

    omfg i’ve never been more in love with a response

    My favorite part is the bundles of cash. My headcanon is that she didn’t have enough cold, hard cash lying around (unless people are tipping in hundreds??), so she went to the bank and withdrew like 10k to make this picture as awesome as possible. 


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    No, no, you have no idea. It actually IS the beginning of the whole so-called “kawaii culture”. And it started because girls started using mechanical pencils, which provided fine handwriting. After being banished (more precisely, during the 80s), this kind of writing started being used in products like magazines and make-up. And, during this time, icons we usually associate with the whole kawaii industry (like the characters from Sanrio) came to life too.

    And what many people don’t realize is that this subculture was born as a way for young girls to express themselves in their own way. And it was also used as something against the adult life and the traditional culture, often seen as dull and boring and oppressive. By embracing cuteness, these young girls (and adult women, after a while) were showing non-conformation with the current standards.

    So yep. Kawaii is important, and it all started with cute, simple handwritting a few hearts and cat faces in some girls’ school notebooks <3

    It is kind of hard to read but IN THE BEST WAYS POSSIBLE.

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    When I agreed to participate in a recent Sylvia Rivera Law Project campaign, which involved me reading a letter from a member of their Prisoner Advisory Committee, I was not aware of the charges for which she was convicted. If I had been aware of those charges, I would have never agreed to read the letter.

    To everyone who has been a supporter of me and my work, as well as for those who have found inspiration in my story, it is important for me to let you know that I have never, nor would I ever, support abuse or violence against anyone, especially a child like Ebony Nicole Williams. This is something I unequivocally do not support.

    My intention was to highlight the horrific conditions many trans people experience during incarceration — to shed a light where often there is only darkness.

    Wow this makes me super uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter what a person’s (allegedly) done—they deserve to be treated like a human. I would have really liked to see a message from Cox that said something along the lines of “yes, she allegedly did a bad thing and I in no way support that if it’s true, but that doesn’t excuse the treatment she experienced and I stand by my choice to read the letter.”

    Note: not trans, and not 100% informed on this issue. I think I have enough of a handle on the situation to make this opinion, though.

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    American Claims Disputed Region of Northeastern Africa For His Daughter.

    An American national from Abingdon, Virginia, one Jeremiah Heaton, has reportedly trekked to an area between Egypt and Sudan to claim the disputed region for his 7-year-old daughter so that she could be a real-life princess.

    Apparently, his daughter Emily has a fixation with princess and in order to satisfy her fantasy of some day being royalty, Heaton carried out some research and happened upon an area known as Bir Tawil. The region remains officially unclaimed as it has long been disputed by both Egypt and Sudan. With that, Heaton got permission from the Egyptian government to travel to the area in June where he then planted the flag of the ‘Heaton Kingdom’ on the unclaimed piece of land. which now makes her “Princess Emily of the Kingdom of North Sudan” - a name Heaton and his family came up with.

    About the process, Heaton said, “I feel confident in the claim we’ve made,” Heaton said. “That’s the exact same process that has been done for thousands of years. The exception is this nation was claimed for love.” He also said that he does intend to “pursue formal recognition with African nations”, starting with Egypt and Sudan.

    What does he plan to do with the area? Heaton says his three children will be the facilitators of the area and have expressed wanting to “turn North Sudan into an agricultural hub for the area.”

    At the moment, he has no political control over the area - at least not until he gets legal recognition from the United Nations and other neighbouring countries. The area has been the subject of various claims and is also partially inhabited by local populations such as the Bedoiun which could result in further disputes. But Heaton believes that because he trekked to the area, did so out of love and wants to turn the area into a “a nation with a clear purpose of helping other people”, his claim will be well received by other nations.


    actual source

    no stop don’t do the thing dude CAN YOU FUCKING NOT

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    • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT RAPE EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. There was never any evidence to support the allegation that she did, and she was acquitted after witnesses discredited the claim.

    • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT MURDER EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. She had no role in the murder whatsoever -…

    Also here is the link to the Silvia Rivera Law Project petition:


    Gosh, I wanted to learn more about this, but there’s nothing about it on the internet except the Laverne Cox thing and a bunch of transmisogynist bullshit :<

    Whelp, if anyone comes across some actual sources about this whole situation and is comfortable sending them my way, please do.

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    See what I did there, with referring back to a previous slide show? Me and my narrative techniques!

    I disagree that sex is not an essential component for a relationship. I’m not saying you should make your partner have sex with you if they’re not willing, and some relationships work fine and dandy without sex, but generally speaking, a healthy relationship often has sex (unless discussed/agreed with otherwise). Generally the first sign of an unhealthy relationship is a lack of sex. If they consistently don’t want to have sex with you, there is usually something wrong or something that has not been discussed in the relationship that should be. If a no sex relationship works for you, then great! But please don’t try to act like sex is not part of a healthy relationship for a majority of people, because it is.


    "Generally the first sign of an unhealthy relationship is a lack of sex."
    except no
    fuck off and learn how relationships work lmao

    this is very good, disregarding bluesigma’s ignorant commentary. Y’all, I am asexual and I have been in a very healthy and respectful relationship with my partner (who is so very sexual) for over five years and goin’ strong.

    I need to save that birb screenshot forever.